Monday, 25 March 2019

Ephedra Diet Pills, The Strongest Ephedrine Weight Loss Tablets

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Pills with ephedra alkaloids enhance your concentration and athletic drive!

Ephedra as known as Ma-Huang is the most effective fat burning ingredient on the market. You will have continued energy, not just a quick boost!

Ephedra products are renowned for their efficiency in enhancing athletic performance and muscle strength while breaking down fats at incredible high rates!

Products containing this compound are widely used by people trying to maintain a healthy weight and a low body fat percentage as well as by those with higher energy needs due to increased physical or mental daily activities!

When is Ephedra recommended?

Tablets containing the pure alkaloids or Ephedrine HCL are recommended to people:

  • Trying to lose the excess body fat quick but without losing the muscle mass as well;
  • Dealing with tiring tasks and feeling the need of extra energy bursts on a regular basis;
  • Practicing intense cardio and fitness workouts several times a week;
  • Dealing with concentration problems;
  • Frequently affected by cold, flue and respiratory problems;
  • Suffering of asthma or hypotension;
  • Dealing with obesity due to a very slow metabolism;
  • Failing in controlling food cravings;

Ephedrine and Fat Loss

Banned and then restored by the FDA, this potent sympathomimetic drug in the combination with caffeine remains the most powerful fat-burner on the market, able to mobilize fats from hardly accessible body areas and to burn them away in no time!

The strong compound boosts the metabolic rate by increasing thermogenesis, the body’s natural ability of destroying lipids so there’s no surprise weight loss products containing Ephedrine HLC or the pure alkaloid melt fats at incredibly high speeds!

And this is not all! The burned calories are used by the organism as extra energy sources, hence the explosive energy bursts given by these dietary supplements! Extremely efficient in suppressing appetite and keeping food cravings away, this drug is probably the best weight management aid around! Ephedrine sustains muscle building while removing fats from the belly, thighs, buttocks and hips like no other product! Read more about using Ephedrine for burning fat.

Is Ephedrine the same with Ephedra?

The answer is no, Ephedrine is isolated from the herbal Ma Huang extract through chemical procedures, Ephedrine being the most important constituent of the Chinese plant. Firstly separated from the other active alkaloids in Ephedra sinica – methylephedrin, pseudoephedrine, norephedrine - in 1887, this chemical compound was thoroughly researched and studied, its pharmacological properties being documented only in 1924.

Although different from the traditional Asian extract obtained from the Ma Huang plant, this potent alkaloid is often mistaken for Ephedra by those looking for efficient diet pills and weight loss products. Even if the health benefits of these two ingredients are quite similar, the main difference between them is that the alkaloid is much more powerful therefore it provides stronger effects compared to the herbal extract.

Thus, if you’re looking for a very efficient and fast acting fat-burner, supporting muscle building and mental alertness at the same time, you should opt for a product containing Ephedrine HCL and not the natural extract.

Ephedrine Warnings and Side Effects

As with any medication, you should always consult your physician before taking Ephedrine. You should speak with your physician before beginning a new weight loss or work-out program to ensure you are in good physical health. Never take Ephedrine with other medications, such as those for colds. This combination could be fatal. Only used Ephedrine in the dosage indicated. Taking more does not increase results; it could have serious or fatal consequences. Read more about ephedrine dangers.