What is an ECA stack?

ECA Stack Weight LossECA stack is a blend of three active principles with thermogenic properties and high effectiveness in boosting energy levels and sustaining weight-loss processes: ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.

Ephedrine and caffeine are both mild to strong stimulants, the first one is generally available in synthetic form although it’s also derived from the Ma Huang plant.

Ephedrine is a beta-agonist which increases lipolysis, stimulating the body to use the stored fats as energy sources.

Also, it preserves muscle mass while dieting, this being one of the properties that make the ingredient stand out among other weight-loss triggers.

Caffeine on the other hand reduces appetite and has effects similar to ephedrine, but it acts through a different pathway. So when these two ingredients are mixed together in the proper ratio they act synergistically, leading to more powerful actions than when taken separately.

As for aspirin, the third ingredient in an ECA stack, its presence in this combination is optional as no scientific study proved its role in increasing the effectiveness of the stack. Although popular ECA blends contained aspirin in the past, today this ingredient is usually avoided because it is quite tough on the stomach when taken on daily basis, even if it’s coated aspirin.

Working efficiently in reducing excess body fat, ECA stack is a great aid when it comes to getting a slimmer appearance without giving up food and without spending too much time at the gym.

Using ECA stack with proper guidance and in optimum amounts results in quick and important weight and body fat reductions. The powerful combinations of caffeine and ephedrine is proven to enhance endurance and energy levels, to support and increase the metabolism by speeding away fat breakdown processes and also to increase the concentration and mental alertness throughout the day.

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