ECA stack dosage and cycling schedules

Ephedrine WorkoutDosage and cycling schedules for caffeine and ephedrine vary depending on the purpose the stack is used for and also on the user’s weight and health state. The maximum dosage for ephedrine is 75-100 mg per 24 hours, higher quantities being associated with high blood pressure, dizziness, agitation, irregular heart beat and other similar symptoms.

The research on ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin blends shows the standard ECA stack dosage for maximum weight loss and minimum health risks is 1:10:3, meaning 20-30 mg ephedrine / 200 mg caffeine / 75 mg aspirin, for each serving.

When dieting, you should stick to 2-3 doses per day, taken 45 minutes to 1 hour before meals, preferably on empty stomach. While 2 doses seem to be safe and efficient for most people, 3 daily doses are recommended to those with higher energy needs or trying to lose more pounds without relying on drastic diets. As a general rule, it is considered that 3 daily doses of ECA stack is the maximum one should consume.

Then, those practicing intense physical activity and training heavy for mass should take the stack 1 hour before the workout in order to get the maximum from the potent energy booster. Still, being given that during cardio training the heart rate rises and that these stacks are powerful stimulants that increase the blood pressure, ECA blends should be avoided before extremely intense cardio activities.

If you never used ECA blends before, it’s recommended to start with one serving per day, taken 30 minutes before breakfast or workout.

Then, if you choose 8 mg Ephedrine HCL tabs, your schedule should look like this:

  • 1st day: 1 dose containing 1 tablet of ephedrine (E) and half a tablet of caffeine (C; 100 mg), plus or minus 1 tablet of aspirin (A; 81 mg). In case no unwanted reaction appears, you can increase the daily amount of ECA stack.
  • 2nd and 3rd days: 3 E (24 mg) and 1 C (200 mg), with or without 1 A (81 mg), taken 3 times a day with 4-hours intervals between servings. The last serving should be taken at least 4 hours before going to sleep.
  • 4th, 5th and 6th days: 2 E, 1 C and 1 A in the morning and then two servings consisting of 1 E, ½ C and 1 A, taken before workout and before bedtime.
  • 7th, 8th and 9th days: two servings of 2 E and 1 C in the morning and around midday and then one serving of 1 E and ½ C taken 4 hours before sleep.
  • 10th day and onward: 3 servings of 3 E and 1 C, before meals on an empty stomach.

The cycle length shouldn’t exceed 12 weeks, although for most people 8 weeks are enough for a first cycle. This length is given by the adverse effects caffeine excess triggers and by its addictive character, so if you notice unpleasant reactions during week 6 or 7 you should immediately stop the ECA stack cycling.

To avoid the side effects of these potent fat burners you should take some short breaks (2 weeks) after each 4 weeks of ephedrine use and then after each 8 weeks of caffeine use. During these breaks you can continue the intake of caffeine respectively the intake of ephedrine.

The thermogenic effects will continue so you’ll still lose weight and feel energized even if you take these breaks. After each break you should restart the cycle with day two.

If you opt for 25 mg ephedrine tabs, you ECA stack dosage and cycling schedule should look as follows:

  • Day 1: ½ E and ½ C, to test your body’s sensitivity to ephedrine. Don’t panic if you experience some slight jitters and your heart rate is higher than usually – these are normal effects caused by the first serving of ECA stack.
  • Days 2 and 3: ½ E and ½ C taken three times a day, with 4-hours breaks between servings.
  • Days 4 to day 7: 1 E and 1 C in the morning followed by two servings of ½ E and ½ C before meals.
  • Days 8 to day 14: Two servings of 1 E and 1 C and the last one composed of ½ E and ½ C, four hours before bedtime.
  • Day 15 and onward: three servings of 1 E and 1 C, before meals on an empty stomach.

Obviously, you can adapt these schedules according to your body’s reaction and energy needs but try not to limit the ECA stack dosage to only 1 serving per day as this won’t bring the expected results. Also, keep in mind that caffeine has a diuretic action therefore you should add plenty of water to your daily diet. However, make sure you avoid beverages that contain caffeine – coffee, cola or tea.

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